The number of sessions are expected with the final result?

The number of classes relies on the size in the balding space, capabilities on the donor location, as well as your specifications. To accomplish a very hajbeültetés , we commonly advocate a recurring session, however, if you insist within the course of action getting concluded in a single session, we have been prepared to comply.
How dense my hair is going being?

It may vary separately, but we normally suggest 80-100 hairs/cm2, offering a most length of 1mm concerning individual hairs. It is possible to attain greater density, even in a single session, but in that circumstance special equipment are desired.
Is it possible to decide on grey, darker or colored hairs?

Yes, we will get it done, owing towards the sophistication of your strategy. So we’ll not transplant grey or weakened hairs.
If my hair is thinning but still retained on many spots, am I to attend until eventually I get rid of everything?

There’s no need to attend. Hairs can certainly be transplanted amongst retained but thinning hairs. The technique, nonetheless, should be preceded by a mindful evaluation of the pores and skin and hair. Only soon after an extensive analysis has actually been build can the method start off.

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